The Hunter

by Thomas Schoeffler Jr



released March 3, 2017

Produced by Thomas Schoeffle Jr
Recorded, arranged and mixed by Sam System-D Prod
Mastering by Cylens Mastering
Published by Les Editions du Petit Ascenceur & Les Editions de Novembre
All songs written by Thomas Schoeffler Jr except "My baby kissed me farewell" and "Hips and Lips" written by Thomas Schoeffler Jr & Antoine Ramadoure and "I'm moving on" written by Thomas Schoeffler Jr & Eli Finberg.
Photography : Eric Antoine Photographe
Artwork : Bartosch Salmanski- 128db


all rights reserved



Thomas Schoeffler Jr. Strasbourg, France

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Track Name: Daisies all around
Thomas Shoeffler

On the 27th day,
Mother Mary came at me with a song.
Riding her donkey,
She was whistling the most beautiful song !
Mother Mary, please, give me that song,
Look, I’m on my knees,
I’ll give you what you want,
But she said no…

On the 47th day,
My father came at me with a crown.
Riding his pony,
He was sparkling like a star made of gold !
Dear father, please, give me that crown,
Look, I’m on my knees,
I’ll give you what you want,
But he said now…and left me all alone…without his crown…

On the very last day,
The cutest girl ever came in town.
Like a flower in the wind,
Her perfume was floating all around !
I asked for nothing,
‘Cos everything was done
Daisy came at me
Moving in the sun,
And said: “come…”
She’ll never let me down,
Nor leave me all alone,…
Track Name: Sauerkraut
Thomas Schoeffler

Whole lot of rain,
There’s a whole lot of rain,
There’s a whole lot of rain and the stream will turn into a river !
Have you heard the news ?
Have you heard the news ?
I said, have you heard the news, the flood will drown us for ever !

Well, if I’m down and gone, if I’m lost in their games
If the sun goes down I don’t give a damn,
‘Cos you and I we are doing so well,
We will set the world afire !
Moving along a narrow pathway
Moving along and do it again,
Tonight we’re on the run and soon we will cross the border

Free from our chains,
Now, we are free from our chains,
We break free from our chains and the Promised Land is getting closer


Stuck in a noose,
Our heads are stuck in a noose,
We are stuck in a noose, now we’re swinging low under the cedar

Track Name: Oh, Mary Lynne
Oh, Mary Lynne
Thomas Schoeffler

Oh, Mary Lynne,
Don’t let me go,
Oh, be my Queen !
Said the Crow,
I will love for ever,
Your ivory skin,
I will love you for ever,
Dear Mary Lynne,
Oooh, Mary Lynne…!

I fold my wings,
And I land on the willow,
To be next to you,
Sweet warmy glow
I’ll be there in the morning,
And I’ll be there at dawn,
I’ll be there next spring,
And before the first snow,
Ooooh, Mary Lynne…!

Ch :
Have you ever seen (X2)
A most sweetest thing than Mary Lynne ?
Ooooh, Mary Lynne… !

You move like a shadow,
Natural Queen,
Where the river flows,
And up on the hill.
Do you see me on the wire ?
Do you see me for real ?
I’m a crow but I’m yours,
Sweet Mary Lynne !


When the night begins
When the cold wind blows
You come in my dreams,
At the top of the willow.
We’re finally together
My ivory Queen,
We’re finally together
Sweet Mary Lynne,
Ooooh, Mary Lynne !

Track Name: I Should Have Known
Thomas Schoeffler

I should have known that they’d put me down,
I should have known that my head might hit the ground.
I should have seen them all around,
I should have screamed but you can’t undo what is done …

They took my girl, one by one,
They took my girl and left her on the ground.
Now, I breathe my blood, I touch her arm,
She is so cold, my dear baby’s gone…

I’ll kill them all, I’ll put them down,
I’ll teach them all that my name is Samuel Hall !
I’ll burn their barns and I’ll rip out their tongues,
I’ll break some arms, I’ll crush all their bloody bones…!

Now, I’m drinking here all alone,
Now, I’m waiting for the sheriff to come…
They’ll hang me, before next morn’,
Be ready baby, your man is coming home…
Track Name: My Baby Kissed Me Farewell
Thomas Schoeffler

How high is the sun, I can’t tell you…
I haven’t seen it for days,
My eyes were burned by the tears I’ve poured,
My baby kissed me farewell…

You were mine, Queen of the woods,
“Together, for ever”, you said…
But a black seed has grown in a silent bloom,
And evil roses took place everywhere.
Now, I bleed on the floor trying to keep you,
‘Cos I feel so much love anyway,
How hard is my life since I’ve lost you ?
My baby kissed me farewell…

Now, I’m walking (in) the streets filled with gloom
Now, each lover that I see should burn in Hell !
But late, at night, in my room,
I dream to see you again…
I draw your lips on the moon,
‘Cos I feel so much love anyway,
How hard is my life since I’ve lost you ?
My baby kissed me farewell…
She’s gone…no matter what I say,
My baby kissed me farewell…

Surrounded by roses in bloom,
Their perfume floating in the air,
I see now that it was doomed,
And I let my baby walk away…
A last kiss and we are good,
‘Cos I feel so much love anyway,
How hard is my life since I’ve lost you ?
My baby kissed me farewell…

Track Name: The Hunter
Thomas Schoeffler

They call me the hunter
That’s my name
They’ll find me sooner or later
It’s a game

It’s like an old and deep fever
An antique flame (X2)
It burns my brain

A touch of seduction
Before the pain
A lot of commotion
Until the end (X2)
It burns my brain

They put me in a cellar
Locked me to chains
Yeah, they called me the hunter
It was my name (X2)
Track Name: I'm Moving On
Thomas Schoeffler / Elie Finberg

I better carry on,
I better play it cool,
I better carry on, when the morning come, I see the sun,
I’m moving on !

I have no golden crown
I have no silver spoon
I have no golden crown, Im’ leaving town, I’m moving on !

You know what it’s about,
Baby, I’m leaving now,
I get on the minight train !
It’s tima for me to go
Oh, Babe, I love you so,
But girl I cannot stay,
I need to get away,
Because you bring me doxn,
Down, down, underground… !

I’m spinning all around
I’m licking all my wounds
I’m spinning all around, but I get along, I’am a man I’m strong,
I’m moving on !

Everything went wrong,
I can’t believe it’s true,
Everything went wrong, I was feeling blue, got to leave you now,
I’m moving on…
Track Name: Hips & Lips
Thomas Schoeffler

What I really want,
Is to be next to you.
What I really need,
Is to feel you.
You’re haunting my dreams,
And my days too.
You’re nothing but sin,
Little voodoo.
You’re hanging around,
In sight,
A woman in need on a Saturday night !
Your magical hips, your smokin’ gun,
Makes me feel warm,
From dusk to dawn,
Little voodoo
You’ve got to shake for me girl
Here I come,
Shake it for me one more time !

You walk in my dreams
Without any map !
You’re under my skin,
You’re deep in my heart,
I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that,
Don’t you know that you’re untrue
And I’d like to have one bite !
You’re a woman in need
A woman in need on a Saturday night,
Your beautiful lips
My silky tongue
Will keep you wet
From dusk to dawn, crazy voodoo,
You’ve got to dance for me babe,
All night long,
Here I come !

You’re hanging around,
In sight,
A woman in need on a Saturday night !
Your magical hips, your smokin’ gun,
Makes me feel warm,
From dusk to dawn,
Little voodoo
You drive me crazy girl
Ho, Lord, hear me now…!
Track Name: Why Is Made of Tears
Thomas Schoeffler

I saw you kissing him and now,
I’m wondering alone,
“Why” is made of tears
You told me that you’d lost control,
I wish it was with me,
“Why” is made of tears…

‘Was born to live in a hole with my fears,
(The) darkness crawling all around shall never disappear…

Father, see me I’m your son,
I’ll hug you very soon,
“Why” is made of tears…
Mother, you told me to be strong,
But I was only a pawn,
“Why” is made of tears…


“Love”, is a trick of the soul,
There is nothing but the wind,
“Why” is made of tears…
Cold, my heart is so cold,
Soon I’ll be gone,
“Why” is made of tears…

Track Name: You've Gotta Love Me Better than I Did
You’ve got to love me better than I did for now
Thomas Schoeffler

There is a place,
I use to go,
You’ll be amazed…
No lights in there
Shade everywhere.
Its’ about to shrivel alone,
And blossom again,
Shrivel alone,
Burst into flames,
Don’t make a sound,
And do it again,
And again…

Ch :
You’ve got to love me (X2) better than I did for now,
You’ve got to love me (X2) and soon a light will come…!

Starting to wade,
There’s mud everywhere you can’t walk away.
There’s no escape
From that place,
The swamp will swallow your last days…


Some are awake,
Some are gone,
Some are insane,
I can hear their calls,
The voices they say:
We are ready now, so bring it on!
But behind the curtains the day is gone…


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